Download FRP Bypass Tools APK 2024

The FRP Bypass Tools primary purpose is to make removing the FRP Google Account verification lock from any Android device as simple as possible. If your phone is stuck at the FRP verification screen and you want a quick and hassle-free method to remove the Google Account Verification with or without a PC, then download the current version of the FRP tools apk.

I have been able to locate and share every FRP Bypass Tool Apk File with you in the hopes that it would help you remove the FRP lock from any phone running an Android operating system with a current security patch. Therefore, check out the link below to obtain the most recent version of the FRP Tools APK for personal computers and mobile devices, and then adhere to our Free Unlock Guides to quickly circumvent the Factory Reset Protection on your phone.

Activating the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock on your Android device is currently one of the most effective methods to prevent unauthorized access to your device. Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a new security feature that is included in all modern Android smartphones and allows the device to be located. Its data is protected if the device is stolen. When a user adds a Gmail account to their phone for the first time, the Factory Reset Protection feature will activate immediately.

After a data reset, the phone can no longer use because of the Factory Reset Protection. This can be done by logging in with your Google account and the password you used on your phone.

You will have no trouble unlocking FRP with the help of our FREE bypassing tutorials available through FRP Tools and FRP APK. The directions are really simple to follow.

Download FRP Tools 2024

Download FRP Bypass Tools APK 2024

I’ve added 5 new sections to this page where users can get FRP tools. The tools that are described below are compatible with all versions of Android and all Android-based devices. Including those manufactured by Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, HTC, Oppo, Motorola, ZTE, Coolpad, Infinix, Huawei, Sony, Honor, Vivo, Realme, LG, and Lenovo, amongst others. Download the necessary FRP tool for your computer or the Android operating system to effortlessly unlock your phone:

  1. Download Google Account Manager (GAM) All versions
  2. Download FRP Bypass APK tool
  3. Download FRP Bypass tools for PC
  4. How to Bypass FRP Samsung Latest device?

Download Google Account Manager APK (GAM) All versions

Download Google Account Manager APK (GAM) All versions

Bypassing the factory reset protection (FRP) on Android 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, 11, 12, and 13 devices requires Google Account Manager (GAM). The Google account manager apk, which supports various versions of Android, is available for download on this page.

Be Certain to: To unlock FRP without using a PC; you must first download the Google Account Manager APK and then follow the appropriate steps. On the other hand, GAM(6) is the most helpful Google account manager because it is compatible with most Android versions.

Download FRP Bypass APK tools (Latest 2024)

Some tools don’t need to be downloaded to bypass the FRP lock. It’s called remotely opening an Android device’s apk or settings option. Here I provide these Tap-to-Open URLs. Just click on the Open link and go to your phone settings without hassle.

Just Tap and Open the Device Apps:

Download FRP Bypass APK 2024

Here, I have provided almost every necessary Notification Bar, Package Disabler Pro, FRP Bypass apk, including Apex Launcher, FRP Bypass Application 2.1, VNROM FRP Bypass, Quick Shortcut Maker, Technocare FRP, Pangu FRP, GAM 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, all of which can be utilized to unlock Google Verification without the use of a personal computer.

Download FRP Bypass tools for PC 2024

In this part, I have compiled and shared all of the FRP bypass tools for PC, which may be used to remove the FRP lock from Android devices with a single button press. On the other hand, the FRP hijacker tool is the greatest FRP tool for Samsung phones, and if you have a Samsung phone, you should use that.

All Samsung FRP Bypass Tools For PC 2024

Huawei FRP Bypass Tools For PC 2024

All Motorola FRP Tools For PC

All Oppo FRP Tools For PC

All Vivo FRP Tools For PC

Xiaomi FRP Tools For Computer

Universal FRP Tools For PC

Other FRP Tools For Computer 2024

I have practically all the necessary FRP Bypass tools for PC outlined in this article. Like Samsung FRP Helper V0.2, Easy Samsung FRP Tool V1, V2, V2.7, SamFirm Tool, SP Flash Tool, FRP Hijacker, Motoreaper Tool, Oppo FRP Tool, Vivo FRP Tool, TPS Xiaomi Tool, Mi Account Unlock Tool, Muslim Odin Tool V3, SPD FRP Tool, All of these methods, which are required to unlock Google Verification, can be carried out on a standard home computer.

How to Bypass FRP Samsung Latest Device in 2024?

This is the latest working way to bypass the FRP lock on the Samsung device with android 12 (tested). In this step, I show you the easiest tricks to Bypass frp on Samsung without a SIM card. So follow me…

What do I need to perform this method?

  1. An FRP Unlocked Samsung Phone
  2. A SIM Card with a Data Package
  3. A Samsung Account
  4. Notification Bar.apk (Download)
  5. Package Disabler Pro.apk (Download)

Okay, first of all, you need a simple preparation to perform this process. For doing this, you need to have an unlocked Samsung phone. On the Unlock phone, you need to:

  1. login into your Samsung account.
  2. Then download and install the above two applications (1. Notification Bar.apk, 2. Package Disabler Pro.apk) on your unlocked Samsung device.
  3. After installing these applications, you need to backup these apps to your Samsung account. For doing these please follow me:
    • Go to the settings > Accounts and Backup > On the Samsung cloud, click on “Back Up Data” > Deselect all except the “Apps” > and finally click on “Backup Now.”
Samsung FRP Bypass Android 12 without PC
  1. Now the same Samsung Account we login into FRP locked the Samsung phone with some tricks. please follow the frp bypass process carefully.

Samsung FRP Bypass Process Began

On the FRP-locked Samsung Device:

#Step1: Open The Samsung Phones Setting option:

  1. Put in a SIM Card and don’t need to connect with any wifi network.
Put a Sim Card
  1. Press and hold for 3 seconds with the Side and Volume UP keys > Tap on “Use.”
Enable the talkback for Samsung FRP Bypass Android 11
  1. And then again, Press and hold for 3 seconds with the Side and Volume UP keys for TalkBack. (Note: After the talkback is activated, you need to tap or press two times on the option for doing anything.)
again enable the talkback option
  1. Draw reverse L on the Phone screen, tap on “while using the app,” then double click. Now select the “Use Voice Commands” > And say loudly, “Google Assistant” (If this process does not work the first time, then do it again.)
  1. Okay, now the Google assistant opened. Disable the talkback by pressing the Side and Volume UP keys.
  1. Say loudly, “Hey Google, Open Settings.” If the settings open, it’s fine. But if it’s not open, tap on the Google icon like the picture.
  1. Now click on the “Voice” icon and say loudly, ” Hey Google, Open Chrome.”
  1. Click on “Accept & continue” and then “No thanks.”

#Step2: Open the Settings and sign in to your Samsung Account

  1. On the Chrome URL bar, tap and type here: “
  1. Click on “Open Settings App” > now login to your Samsung Account and cancel the “Faster way to sign in.”

#Step3: Enable the Accessibility Button

  1. Come back to settings by tapping the back icon, scroll down, and tap on “accessibility” > Interaction and dexterity > Universal switch > keep pressing on “Next,” then click on “Done.
  1. Now click on “Universal switch shortcuts” > Turn it On > Allow > enable the “Accessibility button” and then come back to settings again.

#Step4: Restore and Backup the old Data

  1. From the setting, tap on Accounts and Backup> Now tap at the same time on Restore Data and Accessibility icon > select all and click on Restore.
  2. Then Install Backup> click on Done.

#Step5: Install the S7, S8, and S9 Launcher from Galaxy Store

  1. Click on Samsung Account > Samsung Apps and services > Galaxy Store > Now and update the Samsung Galaxy.
  2. 1. When the update is complete downloading, it shows “installing.” Then click on the back icon. (If it shows again to update, then do it again)
  3. Again click on Samsung Galaxy store > Agree > Continue > Skip > Tap on the search bar and search here “S7, S8, S9 Launcher for Galaxy” > Install it > Click on Open.

#Step6: “Allow management of all file” on the Package Disabler Pro Application

  1. On the Apps list, you see “Notification Bar” and “Package Disabler Pro” applications.
  2. Now go to Settings > Privacy > Permission Manager > Files and Media > click on 3 dots from the upper right corner > click on Show system > Now find the “Package Disabler Pro” and give permission to the app by clicking “allow management of all file”> Allow.

#Step7: Settings on the Notification Bar Application

  1. Come back to the home screen > and open the “Notification Bar application > Click on Accessibility > Installed Service > Notification Bar > and then turn it on.
  2. Again Come back and click on notification > and allow the Notification Bar.

#Step8: Activate KNOX Validation on the Package Disabler Pro app

  1. Tap on the Back and from the installed app list, find the “Package Disabler Pro” then open it. (Before doing this, first turn off all internet connections (Wifi & SIM Net), If mobile data doesn’t stop, remove the SIM card instead.)
  2. When the app opens, check the “I agree” and click on the “Enable Admin” > then click on the “Activate” button.
  3. Check the “I have read and agreement” then click on the “Confirm” button. (For this process, you need to connect your phone to the internet, so plug in the SIM Card again)
  4. Okay, after clicking on the “Confirm” button, it may show “Retry”, Don’t worry, click on again on the “Retry” tab.
  5. Now you see a message, “Knox license validation completed successfully.”

#Step9: Final Step, Bypass the Samsung FRP Lock

  1. In this step, the “Please wait” screen will appear.
  2. Now tap on the search icon, and find “Setup.” From the search results first, click on “Android Setup” > check the “Disable” > Tap on the Back icon.
  3. Click on the “Samsung Setup wizard” > click on “Clear Data.” (When you clear Samsung setup data, then you see “Time” shown on the notification bar. Which means your Samsung FRP Bypass completed successfully)

Final Verdict

At this point, we are very close to completing the article. I hope you had a good time and learned how to use the FRP tools to unlock any Android phone you want to use.

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