How to Bypass Google Verification on A Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

Are you trying to bypass FRP Google verification on a Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime? Okay, here I am. In this tutorial, I bare you how you can do a Samsung J3 Prime FRP Bypass without a computer (Personal Computer) or SIM card. If you are interested in fixing your FRP locked phone, then I’m telling you, please follow this FRP lock bypass steps carefully😉.

Before in my blog post, I have written about “Samsung J3 Bypass Google Account with Computer” It’s a great process to fix the Samsung J3 android device. Suppose you want to remove FRP lock using your computer, then you can see it by clicking on the link. However, many people don’t have a computer. Or many people are a little scared to do the solution on the computer. Their question is, what if something goes wrong😒? So, this post is actually for these people.😘

How to Bypass Google Verification on A Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

Let’s start to bypass your Samsung J3 prime FRP unlock without pc. Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime is one of the best popular smartphones. It’s run with Android 5.1, upgradable to Android 7.1.1.

What do I need to Bypass FRP on Samsung J3 Prime?

At first, you need a strong Wi-Fi network. Please, fully charge your phone before starting the Samsung FRP bypass process.

  1. Wi-Fi network
  2. An fully charged EarBuds or Galaxy EarBuds+
  3. Phone battary charged at lest 60-80%

How to Samsung J3 Prime FRP Bypass without PC

  1. Connect with a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Insert a pin-locked SIM card, then restart your Samsung J3 Prime device. After restarting, remove the SIM card from your phone.
How to Bypass Google Verification on A Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime
  1. Now you see the “Not singed in” notification. Slide this notification from right to left and click on the notification icon.
How to Bypass Google Verification on A Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime
  1. Tap on the “Notification Settings” option and then, tap on the “Bluetooth” icon.
Bypass Google Verification A Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime
  1. Turn on your EarBuds and pair it with your FRP locked galaxy J3 Prime Device.
Bypass FRP on Samsung J3 Prime
  1. When the EarBuds paired or connected successfully, Press and hold on the EarBuds for opening the google voice command assistant.
  1. Okay, now the google assistant is listening. Say “Open Google Chrome.”
Bypass FRP on Samsung J3 Prime
  1. In the search box, type “Chrome” and then tap on the chrome icon.
  2. Now Just follow me: Accept and Continue > No thanks > Tap on Search Box > type here: “” then hit enter.
  3. Now click on “Open Galaxy Store” > Check the Agreement > Start > Update the Galaxy Store App.
  4. Tap on the search icon and search here “Android hidden settings.” Then, install it to your J3 Prime FRP locked phone. (Log in to your galaxy store by Samsung account. For creating a new Samsung account then go here)
  5. After Android hidden settings installed, click on Open then search here, “Setup screen lock” > click on Set Now > Tap on Pattern > Continue > Draw your Patternt > Finally click on confirm.
  6. Now restart your Samsung J3 FRP locked phone and draw your pattern lock.

This is the latest solution for Samsung J3 Prime Bypass Google Account without Computer. If you have any problem bypassing FRP Samsung j3 Prime, then please follow our latest FRP bypass solution post.

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